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Our Process


1. The Mill

Our miller, Dean Bishop mills the logs on a 1.8m wide vertical bandsaw, the only one of it's type in Australia, the logs are carefully cut to get the most out of each log and work around the sizes and shapes we use.


2. Drying

All our timber is then Air Dried for a minimum of 18 months before entering a Kiln for the final stages of the drying process. We obtain the optimum moisture content via this method and this ensures our products will last for generations.



3. Timber Selection

We carefully hand select each piece from our large inventory and can offer you a huge choice of raw timber to work with, or let us select a piece for you based on our vast experience. We can select your piece based on size, colour, grain and character.

Wood Wizz


Once dried our Timber is then surfaced perfectly flat using our custom built 8m long wood wizz surfacing machine.

We then use the highest quality epoxy resin and fillers available on the market today.




Spray Booth


After hours of fine sanding,   our pieces are then finished off in our custom built 8m x 9m spray booth.




Spray Booth


We use the highest quality,  environmentally friendly 2 pack lacquers, ensuring our products last a lifetime and beyond.