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Quality & Sustainability

Quality and Sustainability

At Floating Edge Design it's very important to us that all our timber is sourced sustainably. Western Australian Hardwoods are a rapidly diminishing resource, we are very proactive in ensuring that this valuable commodity is sourced using environmentally friendly practices.

We retrieve trees that have naturally fallen over in storms and bushfires over time and also trees that have been cleared by the government to make way for power lines, roads, fencing and farm land.  

Most of our timber is several hundred years old,  our Ancient Kauri stock has been preserved in peat swamps for thousands of years and has been radiocarbon dated at around 4000 years old.

At Floating Edge we take sustainability a step further, by committing to planting 10 Trees for every piece we manufacture.


We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality furniture available anywhere,  utilising a combination of old school joinery methods,  along with modern machinery ensure your dream piece of furniture will last several lifetimes.   Our special lacquer process provides the highest quality finish on the market today,  giving a beautiful satin look and touch that can stand up to regular day to day use with ease.